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Victor Auraspeed 100X SE H Limited Edition Badminton Racket


The Indonesian Daddies'(Ahsan/Setiawan) new racket of choice! Victor's AURASPEED series rackets are famous for the high elasticity, speed, and explosive hitting power. This year, VICTOR welcomes the latest addition to the AURASPEED series—ARS-100X. With a suffix of X, this all-round flagship Speed racket focuses more on the continuity between each shot. ARS-100X perfectly combines the technical features of AURASPEED series with the innovative shaft technology, making it silent yet aggressive. 

As for the overall configuration, ARS-100X is built with the classic DYNAMIC-SWORD frame from the AURASPEED series and a highly elastic and anti-torsion stiff shaft. The balanced weight distribution of the racket makes the swing weight light, fast, yet stable, so ARS-100X is able to make stable and accurate flat drives and continuous attacks with powerful and aggressive momentum.

The Shaft Recovery System built in ARS-100X is VICTOR’s latest technology in 2021. It uses high-modulus carbon fiber, to help the shaft release its elasticity and recover faster, with recovery ability improved by 3% and force transmission improved by 4%. The perfect integration with the FREE CORE technology not only facilitates smooth and fast swings, but also delivers a comfortable, stable, yet powerful hitting experience—helping you take down the opponent and win! What’s more, ARS-100X is also the first racket product that comes with a translucent cap. With the unique design, players can now take a peek at the structure of FREE CORE and explore the secret behind Shaft Recovery System and FREE CORE technologies.

The feature of ARS-100X is particularly perfect for versatile players who are pursuing a precise shot. The World Championships Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan and Danish badminton star Anders Antonsen all choose ARS-100X as their match rackets in this new year!

Ideal for doubles players
Weight: 4U (avg. 83g)
Grip Size: G5
Maximum Recommended Tension: ≤28 lbs
Made in Taiwan

Victor Auraspeed 100x SE Edition (4UG5)

SKU: arc100x-se
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